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Lindy Maya Fest 2023 (English)

Lindy Maya Fest 2023 (English)

Tim y Ruchi
mayo 15, 2023

All-inclusive Swing Dance Beach Vacation!
November 9-13, 2023 in Cancun, Mexico.

You are invited to the ultimate Swing Dance beach vacation, in Cancun, Mexico! Join swing dance enthusiasts from around the world for four days of pristine beach, a luxury 5-star all-inclusive resort, Master Classes with Chester Whitmore, DJs from around the world, Live Music and great parties!

Lindy Maya Fest is co-organized by the Swing México team, Tim Collins & Ruchi Avilés and the Tango Maya Fest producers Luciano Brigante and Alejandra Orozoco.

This is the Lindy Hop beach party that we know you’ve been waiting for!

What to expect at Lindy Maya Fest

Lindy Hopping Luxury Vacations. We are seeking to be an event that focuses on community, inclusion, learning opportunities and vacation.

Immerse yourself in the elegance of The Grand Park Royal, an exquisite All-Inclusive Resort in Cancun’s Hotel Zone. Indulge in endless amenities, from refreshing pools to themed restaurants and 24/7 ice cream.

We are seeking to strike a comfortable balance between:

  • Delicious beach vacations, and fantastic parties.
  • 24/7 all inclusive comforts, and quality master classes.
  • All day at the pool, all night in the ballroom with International DJs and Live Music.
  • Morning walks on the beach, and afternoon dance classes with great teachers.

Our goal isn’t to be a competitive event or solely highlight international Lindy Hop stars. Instead, we focus on fostering a warm and inclusive environment where everyone feels genuinely welcome.

The event producers, Alejandra Orozco and Luciano Brigante, renowned hosts of Tango Maya Fest, have created an extraordinary dance experience with a stunning dance floor, impeccable audio, and top-notch production. They have been hosting The Tango Maya Fest at the Grand Park Royal since 2012.

Here is a video showing the Tango experience they have created:

The Swing México team, Tim and Ruchi, have organized 100s of events in México and beyond, including Swing Break México in San Pancho, Nayarit Mexico, Frankie 100 in New York, All Together Now in Mexico City, and much much more.

What will happen at Lindy Maya 2023?


We have invited the legendary Chester Whitmore to teach the Evolution of Jazz Dance 1900 to 2020. this class series will be a unique opportunity a series of classes that will add perspective and depth to your dancing forever.

Tim and Ruchi will be offering classes in Lindy Hop Fundamentals and Musicality!

Gabriela Novellino (Brazil) & Eloisa Pinok (Chile) will be offering an Introduction to Shag course!

In this 3-hour course, you will dive into the popular swing dance style known as Collegiate Shag, which was highly favored among college students in the 1930s. You will learn your first footwork patterns, connections, and breaks to dance and improvise to the rhythm of jazz. Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to practice your dance and skills individually as well as with a partner, allowing for ample practice and the development of your own dance style and body awareness. Together with your partner, you will work on musicality in Collegiate Shag, learning to synchronize steps and movements with the breaks in the music!

And more class options to be announced soon!


Live Music

Leo Cortés Quintet from Mexico City
Leo Cortés is a Mexican bassist who has led various Swing projects. He has participated in two editions of Swing Break Mexico, co-directing alongside great musicians such as Jake Sanders, Aurora Nealand, and Jonathan Doyle. Leo also directed the Swing México Jazz Band for several years, performing alongside vocalist Louise Phelan at festivals in Mexico City and surrounding areas, including the Neuma Festival, Polanco Jazz Festival, and Jazzatlán Festival in Cholula. Currently, Leo leads his own project focused on dance and music from the 1930s, with notable influences from Billie Holiday, Lester Young, Louis Armstrong, and others.

Our International DJ Team is Awesome!

Robin Harrison from Seattle.
Robin has over 25 years of jazz dance experience, which includes vintage jazz and swing-era dances, as well as an in-depth knowledge of chorus girl line dance choreography and styling.

She is an original founding member of the Sister Kate Dance Company (est 2006), a national swing dance champion, choreographer of 100+ jazz-era dance routines, and a passionate scene leader, always working to unify artists and champion their work. Born in the city of the Blues (Memphis, TN), she is also known around Seattle as a local live jazz music and dance coordinator, running a monthly event, «Balboa, Blues & Booze». She’s excited to bring this knowledge and expertise to the DJ table at Lindy Maya Fest! When not busy with all things Sister Kate, you can find her cooking, throwing parties, thrift store shopping, taking pole/lyra/silks classes, or all dressed up going to check out a cabaret show or concert out on the town (with loved ones in tow).

Tim Collins, Mexico City

Originally from Seattle WA, Tim began dancing in the late 90´s. His musical taste developed along with his dance career which took him to Europe, India, Africa, and Asia, before finally landing in Mexico and Latin America. 

His interest in music was piqued in Herrang Dance Camp where he met some seriously obsessed DJs and music collectors, and they showed him the artists and vibes they were into. Tim began to collect music, and DJ in Seattle, and subsequently in communities and festivals around the world.

Gabriela Novellino (Brazil) & Eloisa Pinok (Chile)


The event will feature 4 DJed open air dances next to the infinity pool and 4 nights of dancing in the main ballroom. Live music on November 11th and 12th!


Check here for all of the details! The Early Bird Discount ends soon.
The official Event page can be found at:

Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information:!
See you at the ultimate Swing Dance Beach vacation Lindy Maya Fest!

Sincerely, Ruchi and Tim 🙂

Tim y Ruchi

Timothy y Andrea, mejor conocidos como Tim y Ruchi han comenzado a bailar por separado, cada uno buscando su propia carrera artística y sus enseñanzas sobre el Swing. Tim comenzó a bailar a los 15 años (1996) y Ruchi a sus 20 años (2007) cuando después de varios veranos de trabajar en el mismo festival en Herrang Dance Camp en Suecia, y junto con la vasta experiencia de Tim de generar comunidad y escenas de Swing alrededor del mundo, y con el deseo de Ruchi y su hermana Pao de tener una escena de Swing en México, comenzaron juntos a visionar y proyectar el movimiento de Swing Mexico a toda ciudad y rincones de todo el país.
5 años después del renacimiento del Swing en México, SWMX es un proyecto exitoso, de mucha calidad y con un corazón muy grande por compartir siempre con una sonrisa esta bellísima forma de arte, que es el Swing.
Tim y Ruchi son pareja de baile desde hace 3 años y son ganadores del 1er lugar en la competencia Strictly Lindy en el festival de Como en Italia y 1er lugar en el concurso talento de Barrio de la Ciudad de México. Han enseñado juntos el Lindy Hop en Alemania, Estados Unidos, Suecia y en la India.

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You are invited to the ultimate Swing Dance beach vacation, in Cancun, Mexico! Join swing dance enthusiasts from around the world for four days of pristine beach, a luxury 5-star all-inclusive resort, Master Classes with Chester Whitmore, DJs from around the world, Live Music and great parties!

Lindy Maya Fest 2023 (Español)

¡Estás invitado a las mejores vacaciones de Lindy Hop en la playa en Cancún, México! Únete a entusiastas del swing de todo el mundo.
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